the - Doctor Who (new) (2006 - )
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Doctor Who (new)  (2006 - )
Creator: Various
Cast: David Tennant, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Karen Gillen, Peter Capaldi IMDB Database page about Doctor Who (new) page about Doctor Who (new)

Studio(s): - BBC Upper Boat Studios - Roath Lock Studio - Pinewood Studios - Black Hangar Studios - Universal Studios Hollywood

BBC Upper Boat Studios: Upper Boat Studios used as the base for Doctor Who from Series 3 to midway through Series 7.
Roath Lock Studio: From midway through Series 7 to present.
Pinewood Studios: The Impossible Planet (2006)
Black Hangar Studios: 2015 Heaven Sent episode (studio & water tank)
Universal Studios Hollywood: The Christmas special in December 2016 shot a few sequences on New York Street on the backlot, including on the rooftops.
Additional Information coming soon

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